Monday, 19 February 2018

New Techniques - UV Resin

Do you ever feel like a jonny-come-lately when it involves new materials or techniques that could be used in miniature? I do, often.
Recently, me and my good friend Sarah from Amber's House turned private detectives to discover how someone could make hollow miniature bottles without being qualified glass blowers. You know what we found? UV activated resin...
Have you heard of this stuff? No, me either. And yet my ignorance isn't due to a lack of information on the net because this stuff has been around for years.
Imagine wanting to cast something tiny. Imagine that you need the cast to be hard as plastic, can flow easily into a mold, will dry in minutes, can be dyed any colour, can be mixed with metallic powder so that it looks like chrome...this, my friends, is UV resin. Not only that, you can buy soft, hard and gummy UV resin too. Imagine teeny gummy bear sweets that are actually squishy!


 This is my attempt at a toothbrush:

I made an acrylic toothbrush handle shape, filed and sanded it. The bristles and handle had to be kept separate so that you can colour the individual parts erm...individually

 I made a mold of the brush using two part molding putty

I mixed a tiny drop of red dye into hard UV resin for the handle and white dye for the bristles

 Stuck it under a 36watt UV lamp for three minutes. To attach the bristles to the handle, you brush a teeny film of UV resin on the end of the handle, add the bristles and then back under the UV lamps for another couple of miniutes. Voila

Have a wonderful week
Pepper 😊